Masih Beheshti Awarded Support Sky Harbor Coalition Scholarship 

Through the generosity of thousands of WTS members and supporters, the WTS Foundation has provided millions of dollars in scholarships to deserving students throughout the transportation industry, supporting future transportation leaders, advancing the principles of WTS, and creating educational programs. 

This year, Masih Beheshti, has been awarded with Support Sky Harbor Coalition Scholarship in 2023 WTS Metropolitan Phoenix Annual Scholarship and Awards Ceremony.  

This scholarship has been provided through the partnership of WTS foundation with Support Sky Harbor Coalition. 

Masih Beheshti is in his 2nd year of his PhD studies under supervision of Dr. Hasan Ozer at Arizona State University. His main research is focused on the development of FAA’s new mechanistic asphalt overlay design approach against reflective cracking. Masih’s research expertise includes development of complex numerical models of pavement infrastructure, computational fracture analysis, and pavement condition data analysis using advanced data science methods.