Arizona State University’s Southwest Pavement Technology Consortium welcomes its inaugural members in 2023

Transportation Infrastructure Challenge in Arizona and Southwest

Roads and streets are the among the most critical assets of Arizona public transportation agencies. Arizona and Southwest region present unique challenges to the pavement industry, with its diverse and extreme climatic conditions and geologically diverse raw materials. Its growing urban population in the metropolitan areas has increased pressure on transportation infrastructure dramatically in the recent decades. Total yearly highway and road maintenance expenditure is the highest in almost all of the state, county, and local government agencies. Despite the growing needs, state and local agency funding for
university research has been modest. There are an expanding list of research and training needs to address some of those challenges faced by Arizona’s pavement industry.

Arizona’s transportation infrastructure has been serving for an increasing population in some of
the fastest growing urban centers in the United States.
Aging infrastructure, lack of funds and climate threats pose a challenge to the transportation agencies
preserving their most valuable asset.

The Consortium Idea

The Southwest Pavement Technology Consortium is envisioned to catalyze transportation infrastructure research and training in the Southwest region. It is established as a collaborative platform comprising academic, agency, and industrial partners. The idea of the program has grown from a grassroots effort and has rapidly evolved to become an alliance of many pavement stakeholders in the region.

“Our vision is to be the hub for advancing and facilitating pavement research and training in Arizona”

The consortium is organized to assist stakeholders’ pavement operation through developing cost-effective and sustainable pavement technologies as well as providing a talented and well-trained workforce.

Consortium’s Impact

The Southwest Pavement Technology Consortium is envisioned to catalyze transportation infrastructure research and training. Strategically selected research projects and training program through members’ participation, voting, and vetting throughout the process will advance innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective pavements in the Southwest region. The platforms consortium will develop and maintain will be used to host critical information and data that can be crucial for education and technology exchange at present and in future.

Our Members